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« He who wants to persuade should put his trust not in the right argument, but in the right word. »
Joseph Conrad


Gilles Delafon, founding president of Lord Jim Consulting, is a French strategic communication consultant specialized in teaching public speaking skills.
He has studied at Columbia University School of Professional studies ( Strategic Communication & International Perspectives) and is a graduate of Lyon III ( Information and communication). Gilles helps companies to strenghten their image, improve the performance of their teams and manage reputation issues. He has coached renowned anchormen and is well-known for his media training of managers with public profiles.
Journalist for thirty years, he covered many wars and electoral campaigns around the globe, writing eight books on international relations and globalisation.
He started focusing on communication strategies after meeting former Bill Clinton spin doctor Dick Morris. In 2000, he co-founded with Morris the french version of the political petition website vote.com and co-edited a book on the internet and politics.
In 2008 he started a strategic consulting activity. In 2016, he quit his job as Information Director at Canal Plus to start up LJC.

Why Lord Jim ?

In Joseph Conrad’s novel (1900), Jim embodies the human fight for self-esteem and reputation. « He who wants to persuade, Conrad used to say, should put his trust not in the right argument but in the right word ». This magical storyteller has always considered « the power of sound greater than the power of sense ».


  • Communication strategy

    LJC provides a long-term communication plan fully aligned with the company’s overall strategy. It includes an assessment of the objectives to enhance its reputation and strategic positioning, an identification of constituencies and audiences, a proper talking points policy that carries vision and values, a leadership platform of contents, media-planning and media training.

    « A key part of strategy is communicating it ».
    Michael Dell
  • Crisis management

    LJC deals with both crisis prevention and crisis response to protect company’s reputation. The process includes an evaluation of its vulnerabilities, a listing of « worst case scenarios », the drafting of a crisis book detailing communication processes in case of emergency. In the face of crisis our team is fully reactive and available providing tailored messages, detailed narratives and coaching spokespersons.

    « When written in chinese the word « crisis » is composed of two characters, one represents danger and the other represents opportunity ».
    (John F. Kennedy)
  • Media training

    LJC considers every occasion for public speaking as a challenge that should be addressed seriously. It requires know-how and strategic planning. Media training sessions include a balance of power analysis of the interviewers, one-hour of practice on posture to keep control of the interview and a one hour exercice on drafting a talking points platform and on staying focus in soundbites.

    « It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently ».
    (Warren Buffet)
  • Storytelling / Moderator

    LJC sees efficient communication as a display that gains support and understanding. To control the narrative LJC will enumerates your main advantages, your identity and values. This storytelling is a key tool, it puts you on the map and develops your vision to enhance your reputation. LJC provides moderators for debates and conventions in every business field.

    « If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten ».
    (Rudyard Kipling)



    Communication is not anymore and an option but a strategic imperative. Ignoring it deprives your entity of an essential tool in the battle for influence.


    Reputation is the real competitive advantage of a company. It relies on the relevance of its communication.


    You can’t execute a strategy if you can’t communicate on it. The messages articulate the mission and motivate people to move behind it.


    The need for transparency has never been so strong for every constituency and every audience. Communication carries the vision and the values of the company.


    To refuse to communicate is already communication. Silence is the enemy, it gives way to speculation and disinformation.


    To communicate requires a clear assessment of the objectives. Strategic planning is needed to identify various audiences, define the right messages and select appropriate channels.


    All this can be taught and organized thanks to a well-proven method.


    At Lord Jim Consulting to communicate and to convince has been our business for more than thirty years.


  • Gilles Delafon: de l'Info à la Com

    Président fondateur de Lord Jim Consulting, Gilles Delafon est un spécialiste de la prise de parole et des stratégies de communication. Il a étudié la « Communication Stratégique » à l’université Columbia de New York et est diplômé en « Information et Communication » de l’université Jean Moulin Lyon III. Gilles conseille les entreprises dans la consolidation de leur image et la gestion de leurs crises de réputation. Il a coaché différents présentateurs télé et media-trainé plusieurs managers. Journaliste pendant trente ans, il a couvert plusieurs conflits et de nombreuses campagnes électorales à travers le monde. Il est l‘auteur de huit livres sur les relations internationales et la mondialisation. Sa rencontre en 1996 avec Dick Morris (ex-spin doctor de Bill Clinton) l’amène à s’intéresser aux enjeux et aux techniques de communication. En 2000, il fonde avec lui la version française du site vote.com et co-écrit le livre du même nom. A partir de 2008, il entame une activité de conseil stratégique. En 2016, alors Responsable de l‘information à Canal+, il fonde Lord Jim Consulting pour se consacrer à cette activité.

  • Executives coaching

    Customer testimonials
    Yves Guénin, Secretary General Optic 2000, François Gouilliard, Founder & CEO Leyton, Anthony Francheterre, CEO Tangerine Confectionery UK, Jean-Claude Bourrelier, Founder & CEO Bricorama, Matthias Bauland, Deputy CEO Montpellier Business School.

  • Communication strategy

    Newscasters Emilie Tranh N’Guyen, Ophélie Meunier, Emilie Besse, Victor Robert talk about coaching (2016).

  • Crisis management

    Dick Morris, former Bill Clinton’ spin doctor, talks about working with Gilles Delafon. Dick Morris

  • Corporate communication

    Interview with TOTAL Refining & Chemicals CEO Philippe Sauquet for an intern communication (2016).

  • Convention moderator

    Optic 2000 general assembly (2015).


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